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A Professional, Personal Approach to Property Management


Ashland Property Management offers a full range of management services designed to assist property owners in maximizing their investments. We understand that property owners have unique needs and concerns for their properties. After getting to know you and your property, Ashland Property Management will customize an approach to managing your property that allows you to enjoy the benefits of ownership, while minimizing the stress. With years of experience in property management and construction, we are uniquely qualified to take care of all business aspects of your rental property.

Multi-faceted marketing strategies and in-depth screening procedures help you find and retain the most qualified tenants. A proactive approach to maintaining your home will assist you in avoiding unnecessary costs while protecting your long-term investment. Timely and accurate accounting will ensure stress-free rent collection, records storage and the ability to track your income and expenses. Our commitment to quality customer service and dedication to communication will guarantee your questions or concerns will be addressed promptly. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive management approach, tenant placement services, or a unique combination of management services, Ashland Property Management will represent you with respect and professionalism. Call for a consultation today!